My Old 1983 GMC S15 Stereo System

Now as I mentioned before, I did not in any manner have the best stereo componets available at the time. However, I made do with what I could afford or swap for. Below is a list of stereo equipment I current have found or still in search of. Again, this truck is going to built as close to identical as I can build it.

Pioneer KE-2303QR Super Tuner Cassette Player

I presently have 3 similar models of this radio in possession, and they are the KE-1800QR, and KE-2303QR models. The KE-3750QR has the “LOUD” option beside the volume knob that I upgraded to before I sold my truck. Until I find that model, I’ll be using the vintage KE-2303QR model that I first used when I bought my truck.

Jensen A432 AMP

In March of 2018 I bought a brand new (NOS) AMP identical to what I had in my truck off ebay for $115.00 shipped. Everything was still in its original plastic just how I remebered it the first time I opened the box. CLASSIC! Even had the fresh electronic smell to it.

Pyramid Phase III 3-Way Bass Reflex Speakers

In 2017 I found a brand new set (NOS) on ebay for $50.00 shipped. They too were in its original packaging as you can see below. Ahh the memories are coming back already.

Stereo items I’m still searching for;

  • Bass Crossovers (unknown brand or specs)
  • 5.25 Inch Door Speakers (unknown brand)
  • Legacy 15 Inch Subwoofers (model number unknown)
  • Tweeter Horns (unknown brand or specs)