My First GMC S15 Mini Truck Photo’s and Information

80s GMC S15 with Splash PaintAfter having the truck for about 6 or 7 months from what I recall, I had it painted locally by a gentlemen who didn’t think I was entirely crazy. The paint job I wanted was somewhat popular within the mini truck world, but in my hometown it wasn’t common at all. He painted the truck in a bright neon blue with metallic paint over white. Man it was sharp! Unfortunately this is the only picture I ever had of the truck after it was painted.

Now the products and equipment I used in my truck was not top quality stuff. It was what I could afford or trade for at the time. But that didn’t bother me a bit. I was to happy for the fact I even had a vehicle to begin with. Especially when I was delivering Pizzas making $2.75 an hour plus tips.

A good friend of mine, Danny Ogg, helped build and install a custom speaker box, utilizing the entire bed of the truck. We used treated press board to frame the speaker box as you can see below. Then we installed two 15 Inch Legacy Subwoofers powered by a single Jensen A432 Amp mounted behind the bench seat.

Two Phase III 3-Way Speakers were mounted above your head for the mid-range sounds, along with new door and dash speakers. Forgive me, I don’t recall the brands, but they were pretty solid speakers. A new Pioneer KE-3750QR Super Tuner Cassette player was used to play all the good songs.

The dash was taken apart and painted with plastic model car paint, hand brushed I’ll add. But in all honesty, it turned out pretty good. But I never had any pictures of that to my regret. I even painted the instrument gauges all to match the exterior paint scheme.

Photographs of my first 83′ GMC S15 from 1991

The memories in my Mini Truck will last forever

Todd In S15 Truck BedI use to work till midnight or thereafter, 6 days a week for the most part, and wouldn’t get to enjoy the evenings like most my friends. But, that is what I had to do, and I didn’t complain about it either. Truth be told, I enjoyed cruising town after midnight without all the idiots out on the road anyway. Riding with the window down, cruising to some EPMD or LL Cool J was ok with me. hehe

I would typically ride to the nearest town that was about 14 miles away and meet up with others at Burger King. We would all sit in the back of the truck sharing stories, and creating new friendships by meeting new people who were out doing the same as we were.

I wasn’t a trouble maker, nor some billy bad-ass. I tried to avoid that stuff as much as possible. But luckily that wasn’t ever a problem.

I entered my truck into one car show, and I received 2nd place. I still have the Plaque from that event today.

I remember a summer night riding up to Washington Court House Ohio with my best friend Tim “TD” Howland in the front with me and Shane Vickers riding in the bed of the truck listening to Soul to Soul “Back To Life”. We had the windows down and the radio jamming really loud. You could see lighting bugs flashing in the country fields as we were riding under a full moon at 1:am. Man, it was those moments that I want to re-live. The wind in your hair, the smell of the country, the music loud, and with the best of friends.

Call this new project a mid-life crisis if you want, I just want to enjoy one more night riding in a truck that played a significant part in my life.