Other Parts To Be Used On My GMC S15 Truck

Now the entire purpose of me starting this project is an attempt to duplicate the truck I once had. It would be easy to buy all new equipment, and have less problems to deal with. I get it. But I want to try my best to re-create what will feel like an old friend to me. I know it wont be 100% alike, and maybe not even 70%. But I’m shooting for 100% and we’ll see what we come up with.

I have much of the equipment that I show below, some new and un-used, and the rest used that may or may not work when I hook it up. But that’s part of the fun of trying, and it’s kind of exciting too.

Searching for additional Parts for my S15 project

  • 15″ Cragar 10 Hole Chrome Wheels
  • 15″ Daytona Radial S/R Tires
  • E/T Center Caps for Wheel
  • Windshield Cab Cover
  • Rear Cab Spoiler
  • Early 80’s GMC S15 or Chevy S10 Ground Effects